Autoclave Vitale B


VITALE is specially designed for

Medical organizations and Material medical scientific organizations aimed at sterilizing Surgical instruments, Dental instrument, Nanometer, Glass wares, Injector and any other thing could be sterilized by thermostable steam.

VITALE applies the advanced 3 times pre-vacuum and vacuum drying technique. High-temperature steam can be further into slim tube and internal the fabric. VITALE is controlled by microprocessor, user-friendly design, easier for operation, operation parameters and dynamic display state. Automatic fault diagnosis, over-temperature, over-pressures automatic protection, to ensure the reliability of sterilization and disinfection.

  • LCD display,user friendly interface.
  • Unique touch panel with easy clean surfaces.
  • New slide safe lock design, easier to open & close.
  • Automatic deaeration and depressurization.
  • Short cycle and high volume pre and post vacuum pump for
  •     perfect sterilization result.
  • Efficient safety systems, pressure release valve, computerized
  •     diagnosing, alarm system.

Download manualDownload manual ANNEX:Autoclave-Vitale B.pdf